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Blumz Wedding Decor Trends 2013

January 2013 is here and the wedding bells are ringing.  With the beginning of the new year a new host of excited brides are eager to plan the "wedding of the year".  It is safe to say that they will not all be the same.  However, whether traditional or non-conformist, they all want to know the same thing... "what is the latest trends for this year?"!  Here at Blumz, we have been surfing the web, reading the blogs, watching the style mavens' latest YouTube posts, and listened to the brides themselves.
The following is a lists of the Top 13 Wedding Decor Trends for 2013 that we feel are the strongest in our area.  Lets see if you agree.

1.       “Formally Speaking” – Formality is taking on renewed emphasis as a result of the pendulum swinging back from the DIY casual look of the last few years.  This rebound is noticed in a renewed interest in more upscale elements such as chargers, chandeliers and crystals, even when they may be featured in a more casual or relaxed setting.  Mason jars, burlap and jute twine need not apply.

2.       “Neutral Ground” - Neutral color palettes, i.e., white, grey, blush or taupe with splashes of black or a punch of color is a nice alternative to the “all white and cream” setting.   The presence of black (another trend) in décor acts like a black bow tie on a tux or little black clutch with a cocktail dress.  A sophisticated, classy and understated look.

3.       “Passionate for Peony” – The flower of the year for the third year running, the peony is lush, feminine, lovely and due to price and seasonality, exclusive.  Not always readily available, hardly ever cheap, the peony is the epitome of romance and riches.  Other favorites are hydrangea, garden roses, and dahlias, all very round, voluptuous, full-figured flowers.

4.       “The Lounge” - lounge settings were strong in 2012 and are getting stronger in 2013.  Used in the place of the traditional high and low cocktail tables, this themed setting allows for more personalization and creativity.  Not just a simple collection of soft side furniture, it also serves as a great spot to feature signature drinks, micro-brews, the photo booth, etc... think of it as a “family/game room” away from the dance floor.
5.       “Midas Touch” – Whether in dresses, accents, print, décor, flatware, containers, gold is everywhere.  Its warmth and luster adds elegance, richness and depth to the wedding scene.  It seems that silver has always reigned supreme, but gold is becoming the rage for those who truly want "something different".

6.       “That’s Great, Gatsby!” - 1920’s Glam is the bee’s knees.  Its vintage, elegant, romantic, retro, neutrals, elegant, feathers, fringe, lace and bling all rolled into one very pretty package.  Channel your inner flapper gangster moll and step back in time for a blast from the past.  Don’t forget to arrange for that speakeasy lounge area!! You’ll need a secret password to get in!

7.       “It’s MINT To Be”… stronger than Emerald the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year, mint is making its presence known.  Traditionally a “Mother of the Bride” color, Mint is a strong contender for the popular vote in the color of the year contest and works wonderfully with vintage style.  Mixing well with blush, peach and ivory, dresses, jewelry, décor, cakes and more are now available in this very easy to please color that looks good on just about anyone.

8.       “Beauty Within” – A strong look from the last couple of years that seems to have settled in for a while.  Look for covered or enclosed flowers, i.e., terrariums, glass bell jars, lidded containers, apothecary jars, flowers inside the vase and other versions of this clean look.  It can be interpreted as botanical and natural or contemporary and sleek.

9.       “Put This Behind You” - Unique backdrops or back grounds behind ceremony, head table, etc…  of beads, fabric, laser cut images, printed phrases, to name a few options, help to set the stage particularly in non-traditional settings.  These settings may not have been primarily designed to serve as a wedding space but through the use of a creative backdrop, can be transformed into something more suitable and fun.

10.   “Prints, how Charming!” -  Striped, chevron, paisley, polka dot, herringbone… these patterns are being spotted in items such as invitations, table linens, dress fabrics, cake icing and more.   Their repetition can assist in creating a unified look or “brand” as well as in some cases add a touch of light heartedness to an otherwise stiff formal occasion.

11.   “Loco for Local” - Local artisan goods, i.e., micro-brew/craft beer, custom mini cakes/pies, local honey, handcrafted favors; these products bring a regional flavor to the occasion.  Private labeling can also allow for personalization and creativity when coupled with an overall theme.

12.   “In the Black” - Sleek Black, clean detailing, heavy black presence in décor, print and clothing.  This trend is not to be confused with simply black brides maids dresses.   It is a more conscious use of black as an element and in areas that are non-traditional or out of the box. 

13.   “Camp ChiChi“ - Rustic themes (will include use of birch bark, chicken wire, beer, tents and camping themes/elements)  mixed with NON-rustic elements (crystal, silver, gold, orchids, chandeliers outside, ) for contrast and elegance.  Think Posh picnics or Dinner on the Ground provided the ground is carpeted, amenities are top shelf and hot dogs are vegan, organic, gourmet served on artisanal multigrain gluten-free buns!

So what do you think?  Do you agree with our picks for the year?   There are a multitude of other trends out there if these thirteen do not align with your taste.  Just remember, it's all about personalization and individual preferences.  If when the guests walk into the event space and say "Oh my goodness, this is SOOOO the bride and groom!" then you have done your job well.  Enjoy!!

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